Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the bean bag cover off the chair?
Our removable covers come complete with an inner liner made from 50/50 poly/cotton blend and are made with a extra long zipper opening that allows you to open the bottom like a trash can lid if you will and slide the bean bag out with ease. Washing your bean bag cover has never been easier.


​Is my bean bag chair safe for my child to use?
Your bean bag chair IS safe for your child to use. We recommend that as in any product concerning a small child be supervised. We take great pride in our safety patch system. We have come up with a market setting patch for all of our bean bags. We have a patch that is located at the exact area the bean bag chair is closed. Extending several inches this patch makes it impossible for the child to open the bean bag furniture, thus keeping him or her away from the inside filling that is enclosed inside. NOT just on our children furniture and bean bags but on ALL our bean bag chairs


What are my bean bag chairs made of?
King BeanyTM has the best materials available today at our disposal to make your bean bag the best it can possibly be. We have REAL 14 oz denim (just like that old pair of blue jeans you love so much), 14 oz Brushed Cotton materials, Real Faux Fur, and Real Hand Die Dye bean bag chairs.


How do I Refill my Bean Bag Chair?
We offer refill packs for all the fills we use in the chairs. Do not throw out the fill that is already in there simply purchase a refill pack and add some to the bean bag until it is refreshed and full like the first day you purchased your bean bag chair.

King Beany offers the highest quality bean bag chairs at reasonable prices. All of the components that go into your bean bag chairs are of the highest quality. We use only 14 oz first rate denim straight from the mill. All of our brushed cotton bean bag chairs are dyed from 100% cotton raw state. When you dye a bean bag chair from a pure cotton "PFD" (Prepared For Dye) state the results are deep rich colors; and with our special softeners added, the finished product is the brightest, richest and softest bean bag chair you have ever felt. This is the way we produce all of our Brushed Cotton bean bag chairs.

This picture illustrates the simplicity of removing a King BeanyTMbean bag chair cover. Our removable cover bean bag chairs have zippers at the bottom of the bean bag which encompasses three-quarters of the bottom circle, enabling you to open the bean bag chair and remove the inner liner in a snap!


Our small bean bag chair has a 42" zipper and our large bean bag chair has a 59" zipper, both on the bottom circle. Our removable cover bean bag chairs come complete with an inner liner that is made from a 8 1/2 oz poly cotton blend. Even our liners have a zipper, making adding and removing fill to your bean bag chair a quick and painless process.

Our Small bean bag chair measures 31" wide by 33" deep and 20"
tall; and is for children 8 and under..

Our large bean bag chair measures 37" wide by 42" deep and 34"
tall; and is for children and adults.

Our Small Royal Sack has a floor space of: 32" wide by 40" deep by 30" tall; and is recommended for children 8 and under.

Our Large Royal Sack has a floor space of 54" wide by 44" deep by 36" tall; and is recommended for children and adults.


Our XLarge Royal Sack has a floor space of 72" wide by 52" deep by 36" tall; and is recommended for children, adults and multiple adults.

All of our products are frame less furniture and will vary on measurements depending on how they are shaped and if people are on the chairs when they are measured.


This picture shows the famous safety patch. This patch measure 2 1/2" wide by 3 1/2" long. When the zipper is totally closed and sheltered underneath the safety patch, small children cannot reach in and open the bean bag chairs. Their little fingers cannot reach inside the length of the safety patch, thus keeping your toddler or small child away from the beads located inside the bean bag chair.

All of the bean bag chairs are sewn with double over lock stitch after a five needle surge stitch is preformed. All of the double top stitching is done with matching thread. We use a #4 YKK brass zipper. All of our products are the strongest and most durable bean bag chairs available. Don't settle for second best, get the highest quality bean bag chairs available, get a King Beany Today!